Quartz and Ceramic Heaters


  • With its special ceramic body, it absorbs harmful rays and gives the closest heating to
    solar energy.
  • It is preferred in laboratories and pharmaceutical industry with its sanitary, clean, dust free surface.
  • With its closed heaters feature, oxidation of the heaters is prevented and it provides a
    longer usage time than open heaters.
  • It is a heater, not a burner.
  • The high surface heat that occurs in open heaters does not occur in ceramic heaters.
    Thus, burning or scorching of the object is prevented in areas intended for use.
  • Thanks to the wide ceramic surface, more heating occurs compared to the heaters of the same power and provides energy savings.
Otoklav Cam Rezistans

Quartz Resistance

Hot Air Blowing Resistor

Otoklav Resistance